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Our Story

In 2010, we along with 8 other committed partners, began building a church based on authenticity and integrity to the word of God. For 8 years we served the community as Kingdom Culture Worship Centre and experienced great times of impact and connectivity.


In 2018, we joined a greater community of fellowships across the country as the sixth All Nations Worship Assembly campus. Since then, we have continued to grow and allow God to guide us as we connect people with a Real God and out of the routine of traditional Christianity. Today, we welcome thousands of people at multiple locations. We are so excited that you’re here and we hope that you’ll find a place of grace here at All Nations Worship Assembly.



What are core values?

Our core values represent what makes us All Nations. These seven values are meant to guide our family as we connect to Jesus and each other to advance the Gospel.

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To build a strong family of disciples with a heart to change the world

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To restore honor and integrity to the family unit

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To create a consistent atmosphere of worship, intimacy and visitation from the Lord

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To create a resource center that supplies every sector of society with change agents

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To provide a place of training, nurturing and equipping for World Changers

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To create a platform for creative expression through the arts and drama

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To promote racial, generational and gender unity for the purposes of God

Vision of Love

Every year our lead pastors set aside a Sunday to share God’s vision and strategic goals for our church. This Sunday is used as a catalyst to ignite our partners into action. Our initiatives for 2021 are below.


1. Increase weekend worship experience attendance by 25% every quarter. 


2. 60% of partners participating in a tribe with consistent attendance 


3. Monthly salvation goals for individual partners with training to lead people to Christ. 

4. Grow city relationships by adding one organizational contact/connection each month through executing service opportunities.